Finding a Good Child Support Lawyer

When parents divorce or separate, it is often necessary to determine child support. This type of financial responsibility is designed to ensure the child’s well-being and prevent them from living in destitute conditions. In Texas, child support is determined using specific guidelines that are designed to allow both parties to understand their obligations clearly.

If you are having difficulty paying child support, it is important to seek legal guidance immediately. A Fort Worth family lawyer can help you explore options such as seeking a modification to the existing order or seeking temporary financial relief. Failing to meet your obligation will likely result in legal penalties, including jail time.

Many factors are taken into consideration when calculating child support. These include the income of both parties, the number of children involved, and any special needs that may be present. These factors are weighed against the state’s guidelines, which set the maximum amount of child support that can be paid.

In addition to basic expenses, the court may award additional child support to cover educational expenses and other costs that are related to a child’s health and development. This allows them to have a better chance of gaining the skills and opportunities that will lead to long-term success in life.

The courts will generally not order higher than guideline child support unless there is a good reason to do so. This can be because of the cost of extraordinary expenses, medical expenses, or other circumstances that require above-guideline payments. If you are seeking above-guideline child support, an experienced attorney can help you develop a strong case that supports your position.

In most cases, the obligation to pay child support will continue until a child reaches the age of 18. In some instances, the court will award support until the child completes high school or the child is no longer in school.

If you are struggling to meet your child support obligations, it is essential to contact a Fort Worth family law attorney as soon as possible. The worst thing that you can do is stop paying, as this will be a violation of the court’s order. Instead, you should focus on finding a solution such as seeking a child support modification or exploring other options such as seeking financial assistance from local organizations such as the Family Law Clinic at the University of Texas at Arlington. This service provides free legal representation to low-income individuals with family law issues, such as child support. They can also assist with establishing paternity and modifying existing orders, as well as provide legal advice regarding custody issues. Ultimately, it is in everyone’s best interest that the child receives the proper financial support to achieve their full potential. By contacting an experienced child support attorney, you can ensure that this occurs. Contact the Fort Worth office of Attorneys for Families today to learn how they can help.